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Mitchy Katawazi
Mitchy Katawazi is a talented musician and entertainer, best known for his hilarious videos on TikTok. With over half a million followers on social media, Mitchy has established himself as a popular figure among audiences of all ages. In 2015 Mitchy gained nationwide recognition as a contestant on „The Voice of Germany“ where he competed alongside his brother, André Katawazi. Despite not winning the competition, Mitchy’s unique style and vocal ability captured the hearts of many. Today, Mitchy can be found playing on stages all over the world, but most notably an the cruise ship MeinSchiff of Tui Cruises. His fans travel from far and wide to see him perform live, and he always goes above and beyond to connect with them and make each show an unforgettable experience. With his dynamic personality, musical talent and distinctive sense of humor, Mitchy Katawazi is a unique performer that audiences can’t get enough of. Whether he’s making them laugh or inspiring them with his soothing voice and captivating tone, he always leaves a lasting impression.