KLJ-Kuenstlerseite Kings Love Jacks are a french electronic rock band formed in 2011 in Strasbourg.
A confluence of musical cultures, with electronica merging into groovy and modern acid rock, with a catchy riff machine, a drum set, electronic instruments and effects and a bass. Four musicians blending their instruments together whilst seeking to break new ground on the style front. Their rich and plural inspiration comes from their diverse back-grounds, which has somehow resulted in these musicians aiming one same purpose when they compose: getting a large audience to move in rhythm.
According to Kings Love Jacks, style boundaries don’t exist. Not unlike the Chemical Brothers, they’re sometimes strictly instrumental, but won’t restrain themselves when it comes to using voices, effects and other ideas…Their musical matter is definitely alive and can trace its line of descent back to daring mixers, not rigid gigs performed in playback and aired on morning shows.

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